From the legion of unheard, hidden tales,

Springs a scarring tale of which no one speaks,

At whose mere mention, faces go pale,

Hear me out – for these words shan’t repeat,


A hurriedly-forgotten story of 2 brothers,

In a hostel, back in a time, no one knew,

A hoarse voice which sends down shudders,

Apparently, a summoning call for a few,


Like all spirits, they’re heard but not seen,

Perhaps longitudinal waves can bend the fabric of time,

An echo you might find familiar, had you been,

A witness on that fateful night of the crime,


It is said about the twins – they were polar opposites,

Yet inseparable for the 4 years they spent together,

Draklyn, the materialistic one, always searching for perfect fits,

Rooklyn, the social butterfly, the hostel’s go getter,


They were not known as the agents of the devil,

But then one night, they united like yin and yang,

All hell went loose, a prophecy was fulfilled,

And they unleashed chaos, in unison – voices rang,


The details over here – they get lil murky,

What is it that they did – no one knows,

But it is said that if you look really closely,

They manifest as dust devils and put on a show,


People claim they were separated,

Banished to a separate block,

Hence now you hear through teeth grated,

Them calling for each other, round the clock,


Interpret this as a joke at your own caution,

For legend has it that they went missing from their rooms,

Four years you’ve been here and never questioned,

The reason why we’re suffocated every day with white fumes,


No, it’s not for the mosquitoes as they claim,

Neither is it for you, to rid you of your fragrance,

The unsaid reason is that it’s for those 2 names,

Whom we are so used to, we feign ignorance,


It’s been four years – and it continues,

An offering of clothes for the voice yelling Draklyn,

And as it meanders across different floors,

We often open our room doors in memory of Rooklyn,


How long will this actually go on?

What really happened that night?

These questions remain unanswered,

For now, Draklyn and Rooklyn live on,

Roaming our corridors to their hearts’ delight.


For those who didn’t get the references:

1) Draklyn: Dry Clean

2) Rooklyn: Room Clean

3) White fumes: Kerosene spray

4) Dust devils: Actual dust devils (source:unexplained)

This poem is inspired by life in hostel….


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