The Sandman’s Promise 

​Of all the things I ever knew, 

There seem to be a certain few, 

Trysts broken, promises to renew, 

But my thoughts keep traveling right back to you, 

Distracting me, a whisper – your cue, 

Your eyes mischievous, with a shade of blue, 

Your intentions – they seem malicious too, 

But I see the real you shine right through, 

I know and you know that it’s true, 

We could walk through hell, and not end in rue

All that hasn’t happened in the days that flew, 

Let them be bygones, in the past they brew, 

I see a mirror hanging right next to you, 

Look closely and fail to recognize myself , barely a clue, 

I look like a panda, jumpy like a kangaroo, 

And laugh hysterically at the conclusions you drew, 

Failing to understand, it was never me, it was you, 

Living in an illusion, deep down you construe, 

You’ll catch the world when they’re falling too, 

Throw your mystical sand into steely eyes, ready to pursue, 

And then wink at me, some kind of miscue, 

Pass me over, as I stand confused, 

Have I not suffered enough, awaiting you, 

And now you watch me, beating myself black and blue, 

There’ll be a time when I’ll get what’s due, 

But not yet, for now, you’ll wait till I bid adieu, 

For I’m possessed by a zest for life, if only you knew, 

How invincible I feel, well beyond your purview, 

I’ll keep my eyes wide open, it’s true, 

Deny your existence, start ignoring you, 

And keep myself busy, until you make your debut, 

In my illusion of reality, till I cease to eschew, 

For sleep is for the weak or those priveleged few, 

Who’d rather give in than refuse to be subdued, 

I discovered a passion for life and you – I outgrew, 

So now you return with a promise to renew, 

I’m no more just another option for you, 

Sandman or by whatever name you make do, 

I’ve earned the right to jump this queue, 

And dream in color to live my illusion in blue. 


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