It feels like the universe has been scheming,

Stringing tears down my face line by line,

I look up to the heavens, now fuming,

How unfair can you be every time?

For this pain isn’t new or unrelished,

Or is it just me, the shadow of a man,

For I have no business left unfinished,

I’m free falling with no parachute in hand,

But I don’t want these words to besiege me,

For I’ve got a heart with bigger plans,

And I don’t want these walls to limit me,

Rather protect me from all those who can,

I still believe in something bigger,

The promise of something really grand,

I survived, I became the hustler,

And yet I still don’t really understand,

I never felt that the world owed me,

For putting potholes on this unperturbed path,

No stormy sea ever unnerved me,

Vanquishing every devil in the aftermath,

And I know that everything is ending,

All the leaves are now lying on the ground,

I sense the crescendo descending,

For not much longer will we be around,

Warm hearted souls in a cold world,

Engaged in a deceiving conceit,

The little things that make our world unfold,

Recalling all those moments so sweet,

The leaves travel back to their branches,

And withered dandelions come to life again,

We’re young again, taking our chances,

Living carefree, nothing to lose or gain,

But for now, we’ll walk by like strangers,

Lighting up our own separate, desolate paths,

Fleeing from the past, flirting with danger,

A distant cry from those nonchalant laughs,

I drift like a dandelion seed, the wind takes me,

A light hearted soul borne on wings of hope,

Awaiting my rebirth, my moment to break free,

From the world I view through my myopic scope.


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