I’ll always remember

I’ll always remember,

The last time we met,

A failed attempt at a goodbye,

And I thought I knew regret,

But you redefined it as you ran by,


I’ll always remember,

Your obsession with gunmetal skies,

As you burst forth, day after day,

Your aura embracing people, disguising cries,

Partaking in every little fray,


You think I’d forget,

That hollow, empty feeling,

That embraces you when you finish a good book,

Or how you gave life a new meaning,

An understatement; the world you shook,


You come with the breeze,

Like a haint on Halloween’s eve,

A cold shudder down every spine,

All those innocent folks you deceive,

And play with these feelings of mine,


I’ll always remember,

How I was always unprepared,

For what hit me with the force of a tidal wave,

Unrelenting, unlike all those drizzles we shared,

I trusted you and you made me look naïve,


Oh, and I can’t forget,

How you changed the way I looked around,

Your Midas touch outmatching every filter,

Surreal colors, in the gardens did surround,

Washing and healing any wounds bitter,


You don’t let me forget,

The heady scent that almost precedes you,

An earthy fragrance as old as time itself,

You keep mending and breaking those hearts too,

That wait for you on this side of the continental shelf,


I’ll always remember,

Our reunion, just as bizarre as our goodbye,

Maybe the next time, I’ll bring my umbrella,

For yet again, it was me caught scampering, by

A rain god determined to entangle me in yet another dilemma.




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