Did you hear that sound?

That pregnant pause, that deafening silence?

No, you say turning around,

The show you put on reeking of valiance,

Tell me you heard nothing,

When you bullied that boy,

Not a muffled cry, not him weeping,

No?..Is this some elaborate ploy?

And what about that time then,

When we stood while you let loose your invective?

Did you think we were weak-hearted men,

Incapable of using such profanity destructive?

Or did you feel it effeminate to keep mum,

Antipodal to filling the blanks with your cacophony?

Hesitant to leave yourself unguarded to some,

Afraid of being enveloped in a different anomie,

Don’t tell me you didn’t hear anyone mouth,

Those hundred and fifty odd times,

Or did you choose to shut it all out,

Like a poltroon living a life of lies?

Did the weight of unsaid words weigh you down?

Did our silence amuse you and provoke a frown?

Or did it seem like an anodyne to your wounds?

The tacit things we understood after your tunes,

Don’t you dare judge us for our taciturn ways,

This reticence is far greater than any word,

For we see those demons hidden in the haze,

That you choose to ignore in this quiet world,

Our silence is our sword and shield,

The one you mistake for our Achilles heel,

And it’s a deliberate weapon, we choose to wield,

To numb out and control the turmoil we feel,

Trust me, of words, we face no draught,

To summon and respond – an eye for an eye,

But none are as worthy as this silence fraught,

With innumerable words for vous to fill and find wry,

And one day, the same silence you’ll hear,

When you pause to look at your phone,

With you oscillating between hope and fear,

Only Silence there to embrace you, alone,

The same silence will teach you,

To defenestrate all that perjury,

Then maybe you’ll come round too,

And abstain from such treachery.


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