Encase me in an exhibit,

For I am now endangered,

A vignette that only persists,

A rendering you’ve surrendered,


With veins bulging with dark coffee,

A heart that shrinks with every diastole,

My sense of belonging is now a pulse,

And Home; a lingering feeling that someone stole,


Lanyards now seem longer and heavier,

And this formal skin is the order of the day,

An incomplete mural is what I’ve become,

And it looks like that I’m not here to stay,


Like a ship best meant for stormy seas,

I too have an untold story to be written,

So bid me goodbye and keep in touch,

For this shoreline will not be forgotten,


I will move like a nomad across life,

Blending and lending myself some consolation,

Throw in a motley of blue skies and breath-taking sunsets,

For I belong to a diorama which doesn’t provoke hesitation.


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