This is a poem on several sections of people in society that yearn for inclusivity but have never gotten it thanks to our inability to accept differences and diversity.


Umm..Hi! Sorry for the awkward hellos,

I’m not sure you hear me above all that squabbling,

Boarding a metro not knowing where it goes,

To get away from signage debates harrowing,


Excuse me, I don’t think I know what to fill,

When you ask me to state my gender in every second form,

I melt under your scorching scorn and voice shrill,

Conspicuous by my absence, the more you force me to conform,


What about me? I lie low not by choice,

My spirit – a larger than life rendition of this body,

Maybe not as strong and hearty as normal boys,

But thers’s little I can do if my gifted implements are a bit shoddy,


Can I help you?..I ask to answer vacant stares,

When I travel, hand in hand with someone you claim I shouldn’t,

Date or engage, because of society – now everyone cares,

And judges me for what I could be and couldn’t,


Tell me, when you open that packet of M&Ms,

When you pick your favorite color first or relish them at the end,

Please tell me; do the rest taste any different?

Or is it your perception of colors that I fail to comprehend,


D..D..D..Do I speak too fast or too slow for your liking?

A..A..A broken gramophone that tires thy mighty ears,

Dee..Dee..Deep down when you know you have an inkling,  mock me, boo me or greet me with jeers,


My buttons, them; you’ve pushed too hard,

For I haven’t heard from you for ages,

Am I ostracized for believing that bard?

Or am I a burden, done with my seven ages?


I go incognito, the most painless ways to get away,

Rightly said, a coward even as the curtains fall,

But then again, wasn’t it what everyone did say,

That I played the victim and chose not to stand tall?


So, I turn to the one that hasn’t let go yet,

Where blue is still blue when quill meets paper,

And create a world devoid of angst or regret,

To live this life fully, devoid of any taper,


I’m the breadcrumbs that fall away with every bite,

The ones you innocuously try to sweep under the rug,

Hoping that we will dissolve into ether and light,

Unbeknownst that it’s not mine, but our grave you’ve dug.


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